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JCX Ringo MagSafe Water Bottle

JCX Ringo MagSafe Water Bottle

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Product Description

Ringo - Water Bottle with a Magnetic Phone Mount
Ringo - Water Bottle with a Magnetic Phone Mount

Ringo - Capture the moment!

Ringo - Unleash you creativity!

Ringo - Enjoy hands free viewing!

Ringo - Stay connected on the go!


Ringo Bottle captures moments hands-free, letting you focus on the perfect shot. Snap away effortlessly!


Unleash your creativity! Its magnetic design gives you the freedom to create without any distractions.


Enjoy a hands-free viewing experience. Watch your favorite content anywhere, anytime.


Stay connected on the go! Ringo Bottle keeps you linked with the world, wherever your adventures take you.

Ringo - 24 hours cold or 12 hours hot

All-Compatible, Solid Stability, MagSafe-Ready

Ringo - Compatible with all devices

Ringo - Works when full or empty

Ringo - MagSafe Compatible

Compatible with ALL devices

Seamlessly connect with our Magnetic Booster Ring! Compatible with all MagSafe devices.

Works when full and when empty

Super stable, whether your bottle is full or empty. No worries about refilling your bottle to stay upright.

MagSafe Compatible

Magnetic Booster Ring included, so you can use Ringo right away with MagSafe compatibility with ANY device.

Ringo - 3-in-1 Tripod, Water Bottle, Phone Mount

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