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JCX 'Kirin' Chunky Sneaker For Women

JCX 'Kirin' Chunky Sneaker For Women

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JCX New Designer Sneaker For Women

A mainstay silhouette for JCX, the Kirin sneakers are defined by their triple-layered sole which is modelled after running, basketball and track shoes. The voluminous silhouette is an eye-catching one, conveying the brand's cutting-edge approach to design.

The sole of the Kirin is like a firework that is burning, swinging confidently and recklessly with its sharp stance. The designer wields an artistic painting brush to keep the spark of the Kirin forever in a moment of bloom, and each shoe is unique.
Retro woven wide laces enrich the upper layers.
One-stirrup design is convenient to put on and take off, and the buckle is thickened for better wrapping.

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